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Vintage Spring Home Decor
– 15 Ideas To Get You Inspired

Give your home an old-fashioned makeover this season with these lovely vintage Spring home decor ideas. How about some vintage-inspired flower arrangements or a vintage Spring gallery wall? Join me for these nostalgic Spring decorating tips and make sure to check out the included blogs for great DIY tutorials and even more inspo.


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Flower Bulbs In Light Green Glass + Vintage Botanical Artwork

Vintage green bottles, a vintage green jar filled with Spring flower bulbs, a vintage clay pot with sprouting Spring flowers, and antique botanical prints stand on a rustic white piece of furniture.

Growing bulbs in glass is a thing and the distinctive light green glass always carries a vintage vibe with it. Pair the bulb glasses with some prints of antique botanical artwork for an added vintage look.




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Vintage or Vintage-Inspired Vegetable-Shaped Ceramics

A view of vintage green vegetable-shaped ceramics arranged on three shelves of a rustic kitchen cabinet.

Source: My Weathered Home (Instagram)

Though it may not feel vintage or antique, vegetable-shaped tableware actually dates back to 18th century Europe. In fact, the Brühlsche Allerlei collection commissioned by Count Heinrich von Brühl around 1742 was one of the first to incorporate fruit, vegetables, nuts, and seeds as design elements. Hunt for Spring vegetable-shaped plates and other dinnerware to impress your guests this season.


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Hyacinths In a Vintage Planter

Pink hyacinths planted in a vintage dark brown planter sitting on a vintage dark wood chair.

Source: Tersessenta (Tumblr)

Hyacinths are one of my favorite Spring classics and their meaty and luscious leaves and flowers look especially lovely in vintage planters. There are a ton of old items that can be repurposed as vintage planters, for example:

  • an old suitcase, 
  • a wooden crate or box, 
  • a drawer, 
  • an old bathtub or sink. 

Look around the house, check your basement/attic, and ask friends and family for any old items that you think can be repurposed as planters. And if there’s no luck, there’s always Etsy and Facebook Marketplace!


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Grape Hyacinths In An English Transferware Planter

Grape hyacinths in a vintage blue and cream English transferware vessel sitting on a doilie on a vintage white wooden surface.

Also known as muscari, grape hyacinths are characterized by their clusters of small, bell-shaped flowers resembling miniature grapes. Plant your grape hyacinths in an English transferware planter and enjoy the romantic  vintage view all Spring long.


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Green Vintage Drinkware

Twelve vintage green glasses on a white surface, five white soup bowls stacked on top of one another, and a bouquet of tulips in a glass jug.

What other color heralds Spring if not green? Vintage-style glass drinkware can be found pretty much in any home decor online shop these days and it comes in plenty of colors. I, however, suggest using green for that early-Spring, St. Patrick’s Day feel.


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Green Vintage Tableware

Two shelves with green vintage ceramics, vintage green bottles, an old kitchen scale, and vintage teracotta flower pots.

Source: @forestknollsvintage (Instagram)

Speaking of dining vintage-style this Spring, consider green ceramic tableware. Go for mismatched plates, bowls, and cups, as long as they all have two things in common – they’re green and vintage or vintage-style.


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Vintage Fresh Flower Market Sign

A wooden Fresh Flower Market sign hangs on a vintage washed dark green door.

What a lovely way to bring an old-fashioned vibe to your Spring home decor this season – with a vintage-style Fresh Flower Market sign. Made from wood and featuring distressed lettering, this type of sign can be hung anywhere in the home – the kitchen, patio, dining room, living room, entryway, or any other area you desire. A vintage sign looks good anywhere and is a wonderful way to add a quick nostalgia accent to the home.


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Vintage Crock Tulip Arrangement

Bouquets of white tulips in cream-colored vintage crocks sit on a light wooden surface.

Because of their visual appeal, old-fashioned crocks are often repurposed as flower vases for vintage floral arrangements, and rightly so. An arrangement of tulips or other Spring flowers in this type of container looks super charming and is enough to provide vintage feels.


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Milk Glass Vases

Seven milk glass vases of various sizes with narcissus flowers sit on a wooden cutting board in a vintage Spring decor table setting.

Milk glass became popular in the late 19th century and continued through the mid-20th century, prized for its opaque white color and delicate appearance. Consider using milk glass vases to display fresh flowers, or include milk glass dishes and bowls as elegant accents on a Spring-themed tablescape.


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Spring Flower Linen Napkins

A vintage linen napkin with a dark green illustration of lily of the valley sits on a white plate on a vintage Spring decor table.

Source: LinenIsLove on Etsy

Natural linen napkins are super vintage-friendly, and natural linen napkins featuring rustic illustrations of spring flowers are even better. Aim for linens with prints of: 

· lily of the valley,

· lilacs, 

· hyacinths, 

· snowdrops, 

· tulips, 

· grape hyacinths,

· narcissuses, or daffodils. 


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Washed Linen Tablecloth

The corner of a dark wooden table covered with a rustic white washed linen tablecloth.

While on the subject of linens, I would like us to appreciate washed linen tablecloths. A washed linen tablecloth is made from linen that has undergone a washing process with enzymes or stones to soften the fabric, giving it a relaxed, slightly wrinkled texture with a rustic look. This is why I find this type of tablecloth particularly suited for vintage decor and therefore ideal for a vintage-inspired Spring table setting. It’s especially great for those who have a modern dining table and wish to cover it up. 


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Green Vintage Books

Six ornately decorated antique books of various green shades about the topic of flowers, gardening, and horticulture lined up next to one another.

Source: @lescargot.papier (Instagram)

Vintage book decor is surely a thing, and there are some amazing book gems to be found on Etsy, and at thrift shops, flea markets, and antique shops. Again, I suggest going for a couple of green vintage books, but they can also be yellow, orange, pink, or a combo of bright Spring colors. Vintage or antique books can be used in vignettes, placed under glass cloches, arranged into tablescapes, and lots more. This may be a challenge, but try to look for books on flowers and horticulture to combine the Spring theme with a vintage feel even further. 


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Vintage Spring Gallery Wall

Eight horizontal and vertical frames of varying sizes with vintage Spring decor illustrations hang on a wall.

Source: Etsy

A vintage Spring-themed gallery wall is a quick and foolproof way to give any home an old-fashioned makeover. Using digital downloads is especially great because it’s not only convenient but also affordable.

An antique botanical illustration study of the lilac plant.

Source: Etsy

Choose artwork with Spring motifs such as flowers, birds, or landscapes. Arrange the frames on the floor first to experiment with different layouts before hanging them on the wall. Incorporate other vintage elements like mirrors, clocks, or botanical prints to enhance the nostalgic feel.


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English Transferware

Three vintage green English transferware teacups on plates stacked on top of one another, sitting on a rustic washed wooden surface with lilac flowers on either side.

I am obsessed with English transferware. First, because it’s so beautiful, and secondly, for its universal ability to adapt to any home decor and always look good. English transferware is perfect for all kinds of vintage decor, whether you’re going for a vintage Valentine’s Day or a vintage Easter celebration. Pick green and white transferware for a nostalgic afternoon tea party this Spring.


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Coffee Table Vignette Using Spring Flowers And Vintage Planters

A vintage Spring home decor coffee table vignette featuring three vintage planters with snowdrops, books, a vintage tray, and a pink and white tablecloth. A couch with patterned throw pillows and a green wall with frames is seen in the background.

Source: @francescagentilli (Instagram) 

Create a vintage Spring coffee table vignette by planting snowdrops or hyacinths in vintage or antique vessels. Place three of these floral arrangements on a stack of vintage books or vintage tray (or both). Use any other vintage accents that come to mind, such as:

· figurines

· cloches

· candles

· a rustic tablecloth/linens

·old-fashioned ceramics. 

Or, go for vintage flower planters and books alone – they will look amazing on their own. If there’s no coffee table, utilize a shelf, an end table, or any other space suitable for a vintage Spring vignette.

Spring Vintage Home Decor - FAQ

To sum up the topic of vintage Spring decorating, let’s answer some of the most popular questions asked.

1. What is vintage Spring home decor?

Vintage Spring decor involves decorating with vintage pieces with Spring elements such as flowers and floral prints.

2. What are some vintage Spring home decor items?

Some popular vintage Spring decorating items include vintage planters, English transferware, vintage crock, and vintage Spring-themed artwork such as landscapes and antique botanical prints of tulips and daffodils.

3. How to decorate vintage-style for the Spring?

Use English transferware as pot covers for your hyacinths, tulips, narcissuses, daffodils, and other Spring flowers. Cover the table with a washed linen tablecloth and use only vintage or vintage-inspired green glass drinkware, English transferware dinnerware, antique-style silverware, vintage vegetable-shaped ceramics, and natural linen napkins with old botanical illustrations. Hang some vintage Spring home decor artwork on the walls. 


Vintage Spring decorating holds so much potential and can be very charming when done tastefully and with a sense of aesthetics. I hope that the above ideas have planted a seed of inspiration in your mind to give your home a vintage makeover this Spring. Happy decorating!

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