This vintage home decor blog aims to provide inspiration, tips, and knowledge to lovers of all kinds of retro interior design – from the period-specific decor of the Victorian era to the whimsical decor styles of the 1980s. I am working on new blog posts about timeless home decor daily to bring you the freshest ideas to decorate your home in various retro styles.

Together, we will learn how to incorporate retro interior design into your home office, how to decorate with vintage wall art, how to create the most attractive vintage color schemes, where to snatch the best thrift store finds, and lots more. I will be going over vintage home accessories, vintage furniture, antique collectibles, rustic farmhouse decor, and other vintage decorating trends. I will also be posting updates about local vintage home tours by city and state

I hope my readers will find all the inspo they need to create their retro-inspired living spaces. Stay tuned for new posts and fill your mind with new antique decor ideas.

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Hello there!

Hi, my name is Charlotte and I am a true enthusiast of all things late-Victorian and Edwardian. From the fashion to the architecture, I am deeply passionate about the culture and aesthetic of the Victorian era. In general, I have always been intrigued by the older fashions, styles, and home decor. To me, modern-style interiors and homes have never been appealing; I just feel like they’re uninteresting because of their lack of history and mystery. Ever since I was a child I have been drawn to the older interiors with creaking floors and staircases, exuding an air of secrecy and encapsulating memories of the past.


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The vintage images you see below are my curated collection which includes unique vintage posters and designs I created using vintage graphics. My Etsy shop features giclée-quality prints and 100% organic cotton t-shirts with various vintage prints. Whether just for inspiration or to find a Christmas gift for a friend or loved one, I invite you to explore my shop full of vintage wall art.

French vintage poster from Gazette du bon ton
Vintage hot air balloon poster | Retro French art
Vintage Palm Tree Illustration | Acanthophoenix crinita poster
Victorian Food Poster | Vintage Fruit Poster
Vintage Raccoon Illustration | Antique Raccoon Poster
Buvez Tous Poster
1907 French Poster