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Meet Charlotte

      Hi, my name is Charlotte and I am a true enthusiast of all things late-Victorian and Edwardian. From the fashion to the architecture, I am deeply passionate about the culture and aesthetic of the Victorian era. In general, I have always been intrigued by the older fashions, styles, and home decor. To me, modern-style interiors and homes have never been appealing; I just feel like they’re uninteresting because of their lack of history and mystery. Ever since I was a child I have been drawn to the older interiors with creaking floors and staircases, exuding an air of secrecy and encapsulating memories of the past.

One of my greatest passions is Victorian architecture and interior design. I find the ornate and grandiose style of the era to be truly mesmerizing, and I am always on the lookout for historic homes and buildings that I can visit and admire anywhere I go. I am particularly fond of the Second Empire style, and I love nothing more than wandering through the grand halls and ornate parlors of these magnificent structures.

My favorite room of the Victorian home is the parlor with its exquisite home decor elements such as ornate fireplaces, decorative cages, cloches, books, parlor palms, screens, rugs, and cabriole-leg armchairs and sofas. And since I am a true maximalist, I appreciate any exuberant knick-knacks such as figures, sculptures, animal or bird-shaped candlesticks, and such.

In addition to my love for architecture, I am also passionate about late-Victorian fashion. I am particularly drawn to the elaborate and ornate styles of the era, and I can often be found scouring vintage shops and online marketplaces in search of the perfect piece to add to my collection. I am especially fond of high-waisted skirts and high-necked blouses with mutton-leg sleeves. I own a couple myself, but my ultimate goal is to have a custom-made late-Victorian ensemble as I don’t make my clothes myself.

I am also the owner of an Etsy shop where I sell unique vintage posters. This is another way to express my passion for vintage home decor, by spreading it to other people through my shop.

My other passions include Spain and Spanish history and culture, visiting casa museos, learning languages, and reading. I am also happily married, a cat lover, and have three cats who are my constant companions. I have wonderful a 8-month old baby daughter and can’t wait to share my love of Victorian culture and style with her.

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