Vintage Easter Decor: Ideas For a Timeless Celebration

Vintage Easter Decor: Ideas For a Timeless Celebration 🐰

Easter is a time for new beginnings, renewal, and joy. And what better way to celebrate this holiday than with a hint of vintage style? Vintage Easter decor is not only timeless, but it can also bring a touch of history and nostalgia to our homes. 

So, since last time we talked about vintage Valentine decor, as we’re approaching Spring, let us now tackle decorating in the vintage style for Easter. If you want to add some Easter decorations with a vintage twist to your home, read on. In this blog post, I will explore old-fashioned Easter decorations, from plastic vintage Easter decor to vintage-inspired Easter accents, and provide tips on creating your own nostalgic Easter decor.

A vintage wreath hanging on a gray vintage door, made of pastel-colored pink and off-white eggs with a vintage bunny ornament made of straw, with a pink ribbon around his neck.

Understanding Vintage Easter Decor

Vintage Easter decor is characterized by its timeless, elegant look, and its use of classic materials and styles. It often features pastel colors, whimsical patterns, and nostalgic designs that hark back to a simpler time. The history of vintage Easter decor dates back to the early 20th century when families celebrated Easter with homemade decorations, such as hand-painted eggs, dried flowers, and paper garlands.🐣🐣🐣

A vintage print featuring an illustration of four bunnies playing instruments.

Vintage Easter Decor Ideas

There are countless ways to incorporate this nostalgic Easter decor into your home, both indoors and outdoors. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular retro Easter decor ideas.

Decorating The Home

When indoor decorating, wreaths, Easter baskets, and table settings are all great places to start when it comes to retro Easter decor. For classic Easter decor ideas, try a wreath made from dried flowers and twigs, or an Easter basket woven from natural fibers. Set the Easter table with vintage-style linens, lace tablecloths, pastel-colored plates, and elegant silverware. 🌷🌷🌷

Vintage-style lace tablecloths and table runners placed one on top of another.

Outdoor Decorations

From garden decorations to lawn decorations, vintage outdoor Easter decor can add a touch of spring to the patio, garden, backyard, balcony, or porch. Hang a wreath on your front door, place a few vintage-inspired birdhouses in your garden, or create a whimsical centerpiece for the patio table. Not all is lost for those living in apartment buildings – the lucky ones with a balcony or terrace can use the same exact vintage outdoor Easter decorations. And if there’s absolutely no outdoor space, at least make use of the door to your apartment and hang a nice vintage Easter wreath like this one from Amazon.

Creative Decorating Techniques

To add a personal nostalgic Easter decor touch, try upcycling old decorations or mixing old and new decorations. For example, an old basket can be repurposed as an Easter basket or you can create a vintage-inspired wreath using plastic eggs and artificial flowers.

How to Create Your Own Vintage Easter Decor

Creating our own vintage Easter decor is easier than some people might think. All that’s needed are a few supplies and a bit of creativity. Those who aren’t really on the creative side or don’t have enough time for DIY crafts, can of course browse Etsy or their local thrift shops in search of antique Easter decorations. 

Below are some of my examples of how to bring Easter decorations from the past to the present.

 Easter egg in a bunny-shaped linen napkin on a vintage plate with silverware.

Gathering The Right Supplies

Vintage-style decorations can be found at your local craft store or online. Look for items made from natural materials, such as twine, burlap, and dried flowers. If you’re on a budget, consider using things that are already in the house, such as old baskets or glass jars.

Creating Vintage Egg Wreaths And Baskets

Start by gathering your supplies and arranging them in the desired pattern. For a wreath, wrap twine around the base and add your decorations, such as dried flowers, twigs, and plastic pastel-colored eggs. Use a wire wreath form and some floral wire to attach a variety of vintage Easter egg decorations that can be found at thrift stores or online marketplaces. For a basket, weave natural fibers, such as burlap, around the basket frame and add the decorations, such as dried herbs and flowers or plastic eggs. 🥚🥚🥚

DIY Vintage Easter Bunny Garland

Cut out bunny shapes from old-fashioned book pages or music sheets, then string them together using twine or ribbon. You can also add vintage fabric scraps to the garland for a pop of color.

Creating a Vintage Easter Basket Centerpiece 

Use a vintage basket as the base for a centerpiece, then fill it with fake grass or shredded paper. Add vintage Easter eggs, vintage bunny figurines, and some fresh flowers to complete the look.

Four eggs painted in vintage blue and white patterns, placed in a bowl with white cherry blossoms.

DIY Vintage Easter Egg Ornaments

Drill a small hole in the top of vintage plastic Easter eggs, then string them on a length of twine or ribbon to create ornaments for an Easter tree or garland. The eggs can also be wrapped in a lace ribbon for a vintage look. Look for inspiration for