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Vintage Easter Decor: 28 Ideas For a Timeless Celebration

A vintage wreath hanging on a gray vintage door, made of pastel-colored pink and off-white eggs with a vintage bunny ornament made of straw, with a pink ribbon around his neck.

Easter is a time of new beginnings, renewal, and hope. And for those who are fans of vintage decor, what better way to celebrate this holiday than with a hint of old-fashioned style? If you want to incorporate vintage Easter decor into your home, read on. In this blog post, I will provide a list of 28 old-fashioned Easter decorations for a nostalgic celebration. I gathered these retro Easter pieces (including DIY projects) from across the web, so make sure to visit the amazing featured blogs for inspiration!

The history of vintage Easter decor dates

back to the early 20th century

when families celebrated Easter

with homemade decorations,

such as hand-painted eggs, dried flowers

and paper garlands.

Easter egg in a bunny-shaped linen napkin on a vintage plate with silverware.

Vintage Easter Decor Ideas

There are countless ways to incorporate nostalgic Easter decor into your home, both indoors and outdoors.
Let’s take a look at some of the popular retro Easter decor ideas.


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Vintage Birdcage Flower and Egg Display

A white romantic vintage birdcage displaying a vintage Easter vignette made up of pink hyacinths, light green moss, a pink tulip, and a small brown twig nest with a white egg. A small terracotta flowerpot with moss and three white eggs and another terracotta flowerpot with moss and a pink hyacinth stand next to the cage.

Vintage and antique birdcages are one of my home decor favorites. Old birdcages can be repurposed in so many ways, and in this case they can serve as the perfect enclosure for showcasing floral arrangements featuring Easter eggs and Spring flowers like hyacinths, tulips, daffodils, or pansies. Make a couple of vintage birdcage Easter vignettes and hang them inside and but also outside (by the entrance, in the garden, patio). Or, if you live in an apartment, on the balcony or by the front door.   


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DIY Vintage Frame Egg Nest Wreath

A wreath is an indispensable piece for many holidays including Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and of course, Easter. For a vintage Easter wreath, it’s best to go with dried flowers and herbs, twigs, pastel-colored plastic eggs, burlap, and/or moss. 

Most vintage Easter wreaths I’ve come across were kitsch and tacky, but I really love this DIY vintage Easter wreath idea by Regina from Saved From Salvage. It’s unique and romantic and carries with it a delicate Easter vibe:

A vintage Easter wreath made from an old oval white frame with an egg nest, dried moss, and faux pussywillow branches hangs on a vintage orange door.

Source: Saved From Salvage       


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DIY Vintage Easter Bunny Garland/Bunting

One of the most affordable vintage Easter decor ideas is to make a garland or bunting using illustrations from old children’s books. Cut out bunny shapes from old-fashioned book pages or music sheets, then string them together using twine or ribbon. 

You can also add vintage fabric scraps to the garland for a pop of color.

A book titled The Country Bunny lies open to a page featuring some text and an old-fashioned children’s book illustration of two bunnies.

Source: Le Cultivateur 

A drawing of an elegantly dressed bunny sitting in a Victorian armchair and reading a book.

Old children’s books can be found on online marketplaces, but you can also look for free vintage Easter banner templates, like this one from Ella Claire.

An Easter bunting made out of vintage Easter illustrations printed on white fabric, hanging on a water hyacinth basket.

Source: Ella Claire


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Vintage Flower Pots

Nothing heralds Spring and Easter like fresh Spring flowers such as daffodils, hyacinths, tulips, or pansies. Plant your flowers in vintage pots found at Goodwill or on online marketplaces such as Etsy or Facebook Marketplace. You can also use DIY vintage flower pot tutorials like this one from Saved From Salvage.

A rustic clay rust-colored flower pot with twine and a clay carrot decoration tied around it.


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Vintage Easter Centerpiece

Historically, during the medieval period, people would adorn their tables with fresh flowers and greenery to celebrate the arrival of Spring and new life, coinciding with the Easter season. Over time, this practice evolved, and the use of elaborate Easter centerpieces became more widespread during the Victorian era
Victorians, known for their love of elaborate decorations, popularized the use of intricate floral arrangements and symbolic elements like eggs and religious symbols in their Easter centerpieces. So, an old-fashioned Easter centerpiece is a must!

A vintage Easter centerpiece made from a gold spray-painted metal circle with floral ornaments and a vintage sheep figurine sits on an old vintage book.

Source: Pinterest


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Vintage Easter And Spring-Themed Gallery Wall

Old illustrations or paintings of bunnies, rabbits, chickens, lambs, and Spring flowers will provide a wonderful vintage backdrop for your vintage-inspired Easter decor. Using digital downloads is an affordable way to create a DIY vintage Easter gallery wall

Seven vintage frames with vintage Easter illustrations hang on a beige-colored wall, a vintage chair stands in front of the wall.

Source: Charlotte’s Vintage (Etsy)


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Plates and Dinnerware With Bunnies, Lambs, and Chicks

Vintage dinnerware featuring whimsical motifs like bunnies, chickens, and lambs is historically tied to Easter traditions.

“In the early 20th century, the Arts and Crafts movement

inspired a revival of interest in handmade and artistic tableware.

As Easter gained popularity as a time for festive gatherings,

manufacturers embraced the trend by producing dinnerware

adorned with playful depictions of springtime animals.”

A green and white vintage English transferware plate featuring a vintage illustration of a rabbit and floral motifs.

The mid-20th century saw a surge in popularity for such themed pieces, reflecting a post-war desire for nostalgia and celebration. Every vintage-inspired Easter table should have at least a couple of retro dinnerware with bunnies, chicks, or lambs. The great thing is that it can be mismatched (even more charming).


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English Transferware

Top view of vintage blue and white English transferware featuring floral motifs, with grape hyacinth lying on top.

Source: @old_porcelain_passion (Instagram)

Speaking of vintage dinnerware featuring bunnies, lambs, and chicks, English transferware is next in line. Vintage English transferware comes in a variety of lovely color combinations, such as blue and white, purple and white, green and white, pink and white, and more.

A closeup view of grape hyacinths and quail eggs on a vintage purple English transferware plate with floral motifs.

For a nice old-fashioned accent to your vintage Easter decor, I’d go with pastel purple, pink, or green, or a mismatched combo of all three.


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Vintage Candy Boxes

Various vintage chocolate and candy boxes such as Whitman’s and Nestle’s.

Vintage candy and chocolate boxes are undeniably associated with Easter. If you don’t have any grandma-style candy boxes tucked away in the attic, your best bet is Etsy.


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Naturally Dyed Eggs

Colorful dyed Easter eggs arranged vertically according to color from light pink at the top to dark blue at the bottom, laid on a white wooden surface.

The tradition of Easter egg dyeing has ancient roots, dating back to various cultures and civilizations. Early Christians in Mesopotamia are believed to have dyed eggs red to symbolize the blood of Christ. In medieval Europe, eggs were often colored and given as gifts during the Spring season.

“The practice off egg dyeing

gained further popularity in the 19th century,

with German immigrants bringing the tradition

of decorating eggs to the United States.”

Color faux eggs or egg blowouts using natural dyes to achieve a vintage look.

A Charlotte’s Vintage infographic featuring colorful watercolor illustrations and explanations for each natural egg dye.

TIP #1: Use black coffee to speckle light colored eggs for an extra vintage twist. 

TIP #2: Before dipping the eggs in dye, mask them with lace or vintage-pattern stencils
to reveal a lovely pattern afterward.


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A vintage blue and white table setting featuring a light blue gingham tablecloth, a blue and white English transferware plate, vintage floral blue and white napkins, antique silverware, and pale pink roses.

Ever since Judy Garland’s 1939 blue and white checkered dress in the The Wizard of Oz,
the gingham pattern has been a staple in many American homes. 
Complement your Easter table with gingham napkins or a gingham tablecloth or placemat for a quaint nostalgic atmosphere. 


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Antique Botanical Illustrations and Spring Flowers In Vintage Vases

Narcissus flowers in three vintage vases sitting in a dark wood tray, with vintage botanical illustrations hanging above.

Source: Pinterest

Spring flowers in vintage vases always look good! For a romantic, rustic feel to your vintage Easter decor, get a couple of small vintage vases and place from three to five daffodils, tulips, or narcissuses in each. 

Hang a couple of old-fashioned floral prints right above the bouquets using wooden laundry pegs and a piece of string for even more vintage charm.


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Vintage Motif Hand-Painted Easter Eggs

Hand-painting Easter eggs dates back centuries, with origins rooted in ancient pagan rituals symbolizing fertility and rebirth. A famous art of Easter egg decorating is the Polish pisanki with intricate designs created using wax-resist techniques. 

Various colorful Easter eggs with hand-painted floral designs lying on a white tablecloth.

Hand-painted eggs are a foolproof way to add a vintage touch to your Easter decor. You can look for Victorian patterns online and trace them onto your eggs. 
The options are to:

  1. Paint the eggs yourself 
  2. Buy hand-painted eggs
  3. Decoupage. 


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Teacup Floral Decorations

A vintage Easter teacup decoration in a light pink bowl, featuring faux plants, quail eggs, a lace ribbon, and two figurines of newlywed bunnies, sits on a round vintage tray.

Source: Pinterest

To hold your flowers in place, you can use:

  • a green floral oasis
  • a flower frog, or
  • chicken wire. 

Top your teacup flower arrangement with a small egg nest, a vintage bunny or chick figurine, lace, fake moss, or any other vintage Easter decor item that you think will go well. 


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Vintage Tablecloth and Linens

A nicely folded light blue and white linen napkin with decorative motifs with a napkin ring made out of twigs and white flowers.

Not everything on the Easter table has to be Easter-themed. In fact, old-fashioned linens made from natural fabrics should only be adorned with romantic patterns for a delicate and elegant nostalgic touch.  
Look for a vintage linen tablecloth, runner, and napkins. Vintage linens that aren’t suitable for the table can be repurposed as Easter bunting elements. Cut them into smaller pieces and mix them up with other vintage Easter ornaments to create a rustic banner. 


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Vintage Sheep Figurines

Three big and three small vintage sheep figurines stand on a wooden rustic surface with an old painting of sheep in a black vintage frame behind them.

Source: Pinterest

Old sheep figurines can be found on Etsy, eBay, and plenty of other online shops. Scatter them around the house – place one or two on a stack of pastel-colored vintage books, on the mantelpiece, or under a glass cloche.


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Vintage Pastel Tea Set

Five different-colored vintage pastel teacups each sitting on two round matching plates.

Pastel hues, symbolizing the arrival of spring, renewal, and new life, became popular in Easter celebrations during the Middle Ages. In the 18th century, the use of pastels gained further momentum with the Rococo movement, influencing art, fashion, and interior design. Pastel-colored Easter decorations, such as eggs and textiles, became widespread in the 19th century, and the tradition continues today.
A pastel tea set together with some vintage or antique silverware will look stunning on a vintage-inspired Easter table, and it’s a definite must.


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Peter Rabbit All The Way

A vintage Easter vignette featuring a glass cloche and two open glass containers with a vintage figurine from The Tale of Peter Rabbit in each, with other floral and egg decorations.

Source: Fawn Prints

What other rabbit is more iconic than Peter Rabbit? Published in 1902, The Tale of Peter Rabbit‘s connection to Easter is reinforced by Beatrix Potter’s beautiful watercolors of the mischievous rabbit and his adventures in Mr. McGregor’s garden. 

If you already own a copy of Peter Rabbit, chances are you won’t want to rip it apart just to create some seasonal decorations. Thankfully, the character has become so popularized that you can buy Peter Rabbit-themed prints, figurines, buntings, and lots of other decor items in plenty of online shops. Another option is to download images from the web and print them at home or using an online printer like Printful, Office Depot, or FedEx.


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Old-Fashioned Egg Cups

Easter equals eggs, and the best way to display them on the Easter table is using old-fashioned egg cups.

Four vintage Easter egg cups with an egg in three cups and one empty cup.

Source: French Vintage Retro on Etsy

Since their beginnings in 18th century England, France, and Germany, egg cups have served a both functional and decorative function. Vintage holders can either be matchy-matchy or eclectically mismatched and they will look good either way.


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Bell Jar Tablescape as a Centerpiece

A vintage Easter tablescape in a bell jar featuring three green vintage books, a vintage bunny figurine, and a flower-decorated nest with quail eggs.

Bell jars, or cloches (“cloche” is French for “bell”), scream 19th century decor. Anything placed underneath a bell jar immediately takes on a vintage look. Create a vintage Easter tablescape using old books (preferably green, yellow, pink, orange, or a mix of all four), a bird’s nest, and a vintage bunny or chick figurine. 


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Decoupage Easter Eggs

Two vintage gold bunny figurines and three decoupaged eggs with blue and white floral motifs sit on moss in a wooden container.

The art of découpage originated in 17th century France and was initially used to embellish furniture and household objects. I think we can all wholeheartedly agree that decoupage carries a rustic and vintage feel to it. 

There are a ton of tutorials on Pinterest and YouTube on how to decoupage Easter eggs, but I found this one from Our Tiny Nest and this one from A Wonderful Thought pretty simple and straightforward. 


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Vintage Bunny Figurines

Two vintage white and gilded bunny figurines – one holding a clock and a teacup and the other holding teacups and a tray of cakes.

Source: Pinterest

Vintage or antique bunny figurines are reminiscent of Alices Adventures In Wonderland and they’re a must on your vintage-inspired Easter table. White, cream, or gilded ones are usually the most common, but you can go for any color that matches your vintage Easter decor. You can look for authentic old bunny figurines or find something that is stylized to look vintage, and that’s okay too!


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Kitsch Handmade Paper Decorations

Eight vintage kitsch Easter paper decorations featuring chicks and bunnies displayed on wooden furniture.

Source: JanieDMattern on Etsy

Depending how you feel about it, kitsch is unfortunately or fortunately one of the main key components when vintage Easter decorating. If the retro Easter decor you’re aiming to recreate is closer to the 1940s-1960s, then tacky handmade paper decorations are the way to go.


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Retro Chick Figurines

A vintage Easter vignette inside a glass cloche featuring vintage blue and white teacups and a vintage chick figurine.

Just like bunny figurines, vintage chick figurines are a must when vintage Easter decorating. A retro chick figurine can be placed just about anywhere – on a stack of old pastel-colored books, under a cloche, or play a part in a vintage Easter vignette on the coffee table. 


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Chocolate Easter Bunnies Everywhere

An antique-style Easter tablescape with a gilded planter, pink and purple roses, and a chocolate bunny wearing a pink satin ribbon bow around his neck.

The tradition of using chocolate bunnies on Easter takes us back to 19th century Germany. A little history lesson from Chocolate Fetish:

Chocolate bunnies were initially created in Germany in the mid-19th century.

They gained mass appeal in 1890

when American shop owner Robert Strohecker

created a five-foot-tall chocolate bunny

as an Easter promotion in his drug store.”

 Today, faux chocolate bunnies can be bought online and delivered straight to your home, or, with the help of creative people like Kate from Southern Home And Hospitality, you can make them yourself.


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Vintage Easter Postcards

A glass jar with grape hyacinths and a vintage Easter postcard tied around it using twine. Pastel green eggs are spread in front of the jar and a vintage blue and white platter is seen behind.

Source: Vibeke Design 

The use of Easter postcards has been a longstanding tradition, dating back to the late 19th and early 20th centuries. During this period, the exchange of postcards became a popular means of sending Easter greetings and well-wishes. Sprinkle vintage Easter postcards around the house and/or use them to make an Easter garland.


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Vintage or Antique-Style Silverware

An antique fork, teaspoon, and dinner knife are mounted onto a brown-colored page with black calligraphy notes on it.

Source: Love Letters Upcycled on Etsy

Antique or antique-looking silverware (also flatware or cutlery) will beautifully complement the vintage transferware and a vintage tablecloth and other textiles. 


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Pastel Eggs In Mason Jars Or Vintage Glass Jars

Two Mason jars filled with pastel-colored eggs stand on a vintage jade-colored cake stand.

Mason jars or old-fashioned glass containers are a great way to create an effortless vintage Easter display. Fill the glass jars with naturally-dyed pastel-colored eggs or egg blowouts.  

Vintage Easter Decor: FAQ

To further explore the topic of old-fashioned Easter decorations, let’s answer some of the most commonly asked questions on the topic.

What is vintage Easter decor?

Vintage Easter decor typically refers to decorations from past decades that were used to celebrate the Easter holiday. This can include items such as vintage Easter cards, antique egg cups, vintage table linens, and other Easter-themed items that were popular in past years.

Where can I find vintage Easter decor?

You can find vintage Easter decor at antique shops, thrift stores, and flea markets. You can also search online marketplaces like eBay and Etsy to find a wide variety of vintage Easter decor items.

What are some popular vintage Easter decor items?

Popular vintage Easter decor items include antique egg cups, vintage Easter postcards, old-fashioned Easter baskets, vintage table linens, bunny and chick figurines, kitsch paper decorations, retro garlands and buntings, jade cake stands, and more.

How can I incorporate vintage Easter decor into my home?

You can use vintage Easter postcards as decorations, display vintage egg cups on a shelf or in a shadow box, use vintage table linens for your Easter brunch table setting, or use vintage ceramic bunnies and chicks as part of your Easter centerpiece.

Vintage Easter Decor – Summary

Vintage Easter decor is not only a beautiful way to celebrate the holiday, but it also carries a rich history and cultural significance. I think it’s fascinating to see how these vintage pieces have stood the test of time and continue to be cherished and used by generations. Let’s embrace the beauty and tradition of vintage Easter decor and make our celebrations more meaningful and memorable.

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