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29 Vintage Old Hollywood
Glamour Decor Ideas

Vintage old Hollywood glamour decor is many things, and timeless and dramatic is top of the list. When people think about old Hollywood, they imagine the Jazz Age, the Great Gatsby, and Art Deco. And they are not wrong. 

Old Hollywood glam decor blends the practical with the theatrical. So it is an equal fusion of subtle backdrops/foundations and exquisite finishings. Vintage Hollywood decor is a blend of mid-century modern and Art Deco.

A vintage cream and gold rotary phone decorated with pearl necklaces stands on a reflective mirrored surface.

Source: Pinterest

Hollywood Regency, sometimes called Regency Moderne, 

is a design style that describes both interior design and landscape 

architecture characterized by the bold use of color 

and contrast often with metallic 

and glass accents meant to signify both opulence and comfort.



Vintage Old Hollywood Glamour Decor Ideas

On that note, let me share 29 ideas that will transform your home or living area into Vintage Hollywood Glamour goodness.


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Use A Calm Foundation/Color Palette

The paint job is the foundation of every interior decor. When done correctly and properly, every other part of the decoration fits and blends in flawlessly. Gearing towards the Art Deco side of vintage old Hollywood glamour decor, colors used to paint in vintage Hollywood decor should be gray, black, white, and/or cream. 

Red tufted velvet furniture, a shaggy black carpet, decorative black coffee table with white candles and other chrome and metallic decorations, an Art Deco style wardrobe, black and white photos of Hollywood stars, a Great Gatsby wallpaper, and a fancy Regency Moderne chandelier.

Source: HGTV

In the old Hollywood Regency style, this Art Deco color palette is very often combined with one statement color, such as:

· pink

· burgundy

· yellow

· emerald green

· red

· gold.

This way when you decorate with other extravagant pieces, there is no chaos, only unison.


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Go For a Hollywood Regency Chandelier

This type of chandelier is quite similar to the early English Glass chandelier. However, it still holds as much opulence as the English chandelier. The Hollywood Regency-style chandelier embodies Italian and Regency Moderne features. 

A Murano glass chandelier with clear and pink crystals hangs next to a vintage wooden staircase.

These chandeliers are adorned with glass flowers, brass, Murano art glass, crystals, marbles, and even feather art. The defining element of the Hollywood Regency chandelier is its extravagant, artsy, and some might even say, poetic look.


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Hang Some Paintings Or Posters of
n Past Leading Hollywood Ladies

A black and white portrait of Hollywood star Ava Gardner wearing a black choker and crystal earrings.

There can’t be Hollywood glam decor without the leading ladies of Hollywood. So why not decorate your home with a few brightly colored photos/paintings of some powerful ladies like Ava Gardner, Audrey Hepburn, Vivien Leigh, Marilyn Monroe, Bette Davis, and others.


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Create a Coffee Table Book Vignette

Books are a big part of interior decor and retro glam home accessories. You don’t have to be a book lover to use them as decorations as the books are for aesthetic purposes only.

An Art Deco-inspired vignette made up of coffee table books, a bouquet of pink roses, a vintage lamp, an abstract painting, and an ornate gold-frame mirror on an old Hollywood glamour dresser.

You can either stack a set of four or even five books, horizontally or vertically on a coffee table. Journals can also be used in place of books and they can serve as a table for other statement pieces.


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Invest in Mantel Decor

If you want your home to pop with vintage old Hollywood glamour decor, your mantel or fireplace must be properly decorated.

An old Hollywood glamour living room with an ornate Art Deco mantel, black and gold velvet armchair, and a gold ornate mirror.

Think beautiful animal sculptures, like a lovely mini ivory elephant or horse, gold-framed mirrors, feather-adorned decor pieces like lights, stools, figurines, and so on.


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Invest in a Faux Mantel

A beige-colored interior with an ornate faux mantel, an abstract painting, white candelabras, a plant, a gold ornate mirror, and a coffee table with coffee table books.

Source: @reserve_home (Instagram)

The wonderful thing about mantels is that they don’t need the company of a fireplace to make a stunning statement. Faux mantels are the way to go for those who don’t have a fireplace. Another plus is that there’s more room for decorating – place coffee table books, figurines, or a lamp on top, and use the inside for even more Regency Moderne decor.


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Get a Mirrored Dresser

A vintage mirrored dresser with a bottle of champagne, Chanel handbags, stiletto heels, perfume, and an ornate gilded mirror. A plastic chair with leopard print stiletto heels and a beige handbag stands to the right.

Some of the themes of vintage old Hollywood glamour decor are shiny and reflective. A mirrored dresser is two of those things and is perfect if you love staring at your reflection. Although a mirror dresser may not be very practical, it leans more towards the Art Deco side of the Hollywood Regency style.


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Light Up The Space With A Vintage Lotus Lamp

A vintage pink dresser with a mirrored tray and other Hollywood Regency decorations, a diamond-shaped gold-framed mirror, and a pink vintage floor lotus lamp.

Though the organic form of the lotus flower is more reminiscent of the Art Nouveau movement, the iconic lotus lamp gained popularity in the 1920s and 1930s. The soft glow of a lotus lamp will create a hazy ambient atmosphere in your old Hollywood glam-inspired home. Place a lotus floor lamp in a key part of the home to serve as a surefire conversation starter.


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Throw a Couple Of Velvet Seashell Pillows

A light pink velvet divan with tassels and a light pink seashell pillow, a pink ottoman, a small Art Deco-inspired round table with decorative swans, pink sequin curtains, and a crystal chandelier.

Source: Rebellious Refinement (Pinterest)

What is vintage old Hollywood without exquisite, plush, and rich fabrics and textiles? Velvet seashell throw pillows for your living room furniture and bedroom are the key retro glam home accessories. These pillows contribute to and enhance the overall lushness of the old Hollywood glamour decor aesthetic.


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Illuminate The Space With
An Ostrich Feather Lamp

Feathers in dresses, headgear, and home accessories were a big part of vintage Hollywood, so it is only proper they feature in your vintage old Hollywood glamour decor. Try some bed/table side or tabletop feather-adorned lighting.

A pink ostrich feather floor lamp on a gilded leg stands in front of a rustic white side table; under the table there is a stack of vintage suitcases and on top a rustic white lamp with a vintage oval mirror behind it.

Feather lamps often come in white but for extra pizzazz, you should definitely invest in other colors.


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Dine Using Gold Cutlery

One small and one large gilded fork on a floral white tablecloth next to a white and gold plate set.

Cutlery is a vital retro glam home accessory. You can go for a gold-plated or silver-plated flatware set. These create a refined table experience and of course, add a touch of opulence!


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Serve Alchohol In Crystal Decanter Drinkware

A round gilded bar cart with a mirrored surface, a couple of alcohol bottles, a crystal decanter, and a bouquet of wildflowers on top.

Source: Lucky Andi

Crystal decanter drinkware gives off class and royalty. Boring old and simple drinkware had no place in vintage old Hollywood glamour, and by virtue of that, they have no place in your vintage Hollywood-themed home. 


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Set Up a Two-Tier Hollywood Regency Bar Cart

A two-tiered oval-shaped Regency Moderne bar cart with gilded metalwork and opaque surfaces.

Speaking of cocktails and alcoholic beverages, there’s no Hollywood glam without a bar cart. Find a two-tiered bar cart a adorned with elegant metalwork and mirrored surfaces for some classic Hollywood decor refinement.


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Be Bold With Gold-Plated And Metallic Adornments

A gold-tone palm tree decoration stands on a wooden surface with a rectangular mirror in a gold frame seen in the background.

Source: Pinterest

Vintage Old Hollywood Glamour Decor is nothing without the extravagant touch of shiny and reflective surfaces and finishes. So when picking out your furniture, always go for those with metallic or gold finishes to add that shine. They should have metallic handles, legs, or rims.


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Don’t Skip Out On The Iconic Sunburst Mirror

A partial view of a gilded brass sunburst mirror – an element of old Hollywood glamour decor.

Source: SwoonWorthy

You can’t do vintage glamour without a sunburst mirror, it is simply impossible. Placed over a dresser, mantel, or just a plain wall, this quintessential Hollywood Regency decor element cannot be overlooked.


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Add A Few Gilded Chairs

An antique vanity table with light purple crystal knobs, a gilded decorative chair with a seashell backrest, a bouquet of roses in a round green vase and makeup and jewelry accessories sit on the vanity table.

Gilded chairs are a must in vintage old Hollywood glamour decor. They bring the perfect level of magnificence into the home.


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Make a Statement With a Mirrored Table

A Hollywood glam mirrored table with gold metalwork and a round mirrored tray with candles, a decorative hand, and a small bouquet of roses in a gilded vase.

Source: Blog Lovin

As I said, the Hollywood Regency style is all around glitter and shine. So throw away that opaque table and replace it with a mirrored one.


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A Vanity Set Is a Must

Vanity sets are one of the ultimate Retro glam home accessories. These luxurious sets, often adorned with ornate details, mirrored surfaces, and intricate designs, were essential elements in the boudoirs of Hollywood stars.

An open closet with pink and purple clothes and two pink and white suitcases; next to it a gilded vintage Hollywood glam vanity table with perfume and makeup accessories.

Source: @sarahdeleeuww (Instagram)

Vanity sets not only served as functional spaces for grooming but also doubled as glamorous focal points in the overall aesthetic. The inclusion of lavish vanity sets in Old Hollywood decor reflected the era’s opulence, and so your Hollywood home needs one.  


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Hunt For a Vintage Rug

A room with two scalloped green velvet armchairs, a colorful vintage rug with a bird and flower print, a big rectangular floor mirror with a gold ornate frame, and a bed with colorful pillows in the background.

Vibrant-colored rugs will always have a place in Hollywood Regency decor. The best part is that they come in a variety of styles, from boho to faded, Arabian-style, Persian, Turkish, you name it. Each room (including the bathroom) can have its own vintage rug.


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Incorporate Hollywood Accessories

An old Hollywood glam vignette made up of an oval gilded tray with a stack of three books and a vintage camera on top.

Source: Pinterest

Vintage-style movie posters, vintage cameras, old film reels and other similar collectibles should be placed graciously around your home. You can display them on side tables, coffee tables, and dressers.


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Go For Some Metal Wall Art

A round gilded leaf wall decoration hangs on an olive green wall.

Source: Debbie Fair Brass (Etsy)

You can pick any type of metal wall art, be it a flower, leaves on a branch, a human silhouette, or even abstract art. As long as it’s gilded, any design goes. 


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Use a Gatsby-Inspired Wallpaper

A vintage black piano decorated with a print of a bird drawing in a gold frame, a vintage lamp, cherry blossoms in a dark brown glass bottle, and a gold table clock. A green and gold Great Gatsby-inspired wallpaper is seen in the background.

Source: PickwickandElm (Etsy)

Inspired by the Roaring Twenties and F. Scott’s Fitzgerald’s timeless classic, a Gatsby-inspired wallpaper is bound to bring opulence to any interior. This wallpaper is peak Hollywood Regency style and when blended properly with other home accessories, it is simply breathtaking. The Gatsby wallpaper can fill only a single statement wall or the entire room.


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Experiment With Animal Print

A leopard print-upholstered stool on rounded dark wood legs stands in front of a black and gold Louis IV dresser and a leopard painting hangs on a wall in the background.

Cheetah, zebra, leopard print, and lots of other animal prints are characteristic elements of the old Hollywood Regency decor style. Mix and match different patterns using various textures and pieces of furniture. Go for animal-print upholstery on armchairs, footstools, ottomans, but also as bold patterns on rugs and pillowcases.


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Art Deco-rate With a Tufted Ottoman

A faux white palm tree decoration in a room with peach-colored walls, two gray patterned armchairs, a pink heart-shaped ottoman with tassels, an antique fireplace, and a vintage hanging lamp.

Source: Decor Pad

To add a level of opulence worthy of Regency Moderne decor, go for a tufted ottoman with tassels. Ottomans can serve as footrests or coffee tables accessorized with gilded trays.


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Divide The Space With a Gilded Art Deco Screen

A partially visible gilded Art Deco room divider next to a white ostrich feather centerpiece placed on a black and gold countertop.

A beautiful, gilded, and intricately designed Art Deco room divider is bound to elevate and usher in that Hollywood Regency feel. Use a 1920s Gatsby-inspired screen as a decoration piece or to actually section off an area in the home, such as the wardrobe.


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Place Feather Bouquets In Gilded Vases

A bouquet of white ostrich feathers in a tall golden vase stands on top of a small square shaped beige tabletop next to a huge black and white old-fashioned print of a woman.

Source: Wonder Events  

Placed strategically around the room, gilded vases provide an amazing gold accent that further improves the grandeur of a room already filled with vintage Hollywood beauty. A gold-tone vase with a bouquet of ostrich feathers in white, pink, or gray can adorn the coffee table, dining table, dresser, end table, entryway, mantel, or just about any other spot in the home.


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Unwind In Velvet Armchairs

A pink velvet scalloped armchair on gold legs with a partially visible mantel and a piece of an orange wall with plants on it.

Alongside the fancy ottomans are velvet armchairs which complement and enhance the expensive and classy vibe of a vintage Hollywood home. In the case of old Hollywood glam decor, it’s better if the chairs actually do match (as opposed to other decorating styles such as vintage farmhouse, for example). These could be Baroque-style velvet armchairs or the iconic Art Deco scalloped chairs. Pick a bold color to go with the palette mentioned in point 1 and look for velvet armchairs in that color.


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Utilize Mirrored Trays

A closeup view of old Hollywood glam accessories on a table, including a decorative pink and gold container, an oval gold frame makeup mirror, and jewelry and a perfume bottle on a mirrored tray.

Another piece of vintage Hollywood magnificence is mirrored trays. These trays were a major hit in early cinema, and they would certainly make a hit in your home.


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Incorporate Tufted Velvet Upholstery

Anornamtental old Hollywood glam dresser in pink and gold with a black statue of a cat stand against a red tufted velvet wall encased in a white frame with gold ornaments, and a mirror behind it.

Tufted velvet became synonymous with vintage Hollywood Regency decor during the mid-20th century, when designers like William Haines and Dorothy Draper popularized lavish interiors characterized by bold colors and sumptuous textures. This luxurious fabric was often featured on statement pieces such as sofas, chairs, and headboards. So an element of tufted velvet is essential to achieving that old Hollywood glamour vibe.


What is the Hollywood glam decor style?

Hollywood glam style is a decor that fuses the golden age of Hollywood and its defining elements along with mid-century home decor. Hollywood glam decor style is a play on mid-century modern and Art Deco that is tied together by the essence of old Hollywood.

How to decorate old Hollywood glam?

Old Hollywood glam is characterized by its rather extravagant and majestic style. So keeping that in mind, when you think Hollywood glam, think of The Great Gatsby, gilded furniture, mirrored and reflective surfaces, feathers, intricate and plush fabrics, gold, sequins and old Hollywood icons/collectibles.

What are the colors for Hollywood glam?

The color palette for Hollywood Glam decor is calm and rich colors like grey, silver, cream, black, cream, gold, and white. Hollywood glam uses these colors in combination with one bold color like pink, red, burgundy, or purple to set the pace for the other exuberant elements that are going to tie together the decor.


Vintage old Hollywood glamour decor is a timeless and classy style that is marked by its grandeur and extravagance. It is perfect for anyone who loves the mid-century decorating style and the Art Deco aesthetic, as it fuses the two quite beautifully. I hope that the above decorating tips helped those interested in incorporating old Hollywood glamour into their homes.

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