How To Incorporate Vintage Office Decor Into Your Home Office📠

How To Incorporate Vintage Office Decor Into Your Home Office📠

Most office decor nowadays is uniform and it pretty much all looks the same. Most of all, I feel like the majority of offices these days scream modernity. Why so many people don’t go for vintage office design and choose modern minimalism instead is beyond me😀But let’s leave that aside and dive straight into incorporating vintage style into your workspace.


In this post, I will cover some vintage office decor ideas and tips for adding vintage flair to your home office. Readers will learn about different ways of creating a vintage office space for a nice and cozy, yet creative and inspiring environment.☺️

The interior of an old office with vintage office decor items on a wooden desk such as a typewriter, wooden basket, seal stamps, and a fireplace in the background.

Tips For Incorporating Vintage Office Decor Into Your Workspace📒

Creating retro office decor doesn’t have to be a difficult endeavor. Even with just a few decor accessories, such as a floor lamp or a vintage office desk, we can achieve a wonderful office setup reminiscent of the old days. 

I’ve put together a list of tips for beginners looking to transform their office using vintage decor. 

Start With Small Vintage Desk Accessories

A vintage orange rotary phone on a wooden surface.

It’s not a must to go all out with vintage-inspired office design, at least not in the beginning. Start small by adding vintage desk accessories, such as: 

  • a rotary phone 
  • a vintage lamp
  • a wooden clock, or
  • an hourglass.

These small vintage desk accessories will make a world of a difference when displayed correctly. My advice is to not clutter the workspace too much, thus not only creating a better environment for concentration but also better displaying the unique vintage pieces.☎️ 

For a more extensive list of vintage items for the office, see my blog post where I cover 23 must-have vintage office decor items

Look For Antique Furniture Statement Pieces 

A dark cherry wood antique chair upholstered in green with gold-tone ornaments, standing on a red carpet.

Create a vintage office space instantly by throwing in even just one or two antique statement pieces, whether it be a Queen Anne-style armchair or an old-fashioned typewriter. Look for antique or antique-style pieces on online marketplaces such as Amazon, Etsy, or Facebook Marketplace. 

Place the statement piece in a visible enough spot making sure it’s fully displayed so that it’s the first thing a person notices when they enter the room. 

Invest In Vintage-Inspired Textiles 

Though textiles such as rugs or curtains may feel like expendable pieces for an office, they will unify the overall vintage vibe of the room. I would suggest looking for vintage patterns and colors depending on the particular style to be achieved. These could be bold colors or oriental, geometric, or floral patterns. For example, for a 1970s-style office, I would even go for all-over carpeting.

A dark wooden chair on an old-fashioned area rug in a vintage office.

While a vintage rug is typically between 20 and 50 years old, something more antique of 80-100 years old will also work perfectly if it fits the rest of the decor. But let’s be real – who’s going to throw a 100-year-old rug into an office? The great thing about vintage office textiles is that they don’t have to actually be old, but look old. The same applies to other textiles – curtains, throw pillows, or upholstery. 

Create A Vintage Office Vibe With Lighting

The right kind of lighting can add lots of ambiance to old-fashioned office decor. Depending on the vintage style of your office, go for wall sconces, an antique-style hanging lamp, or a Tiffany-inspired vintage floor lamp. If possible, I’d recommend keeping the lights a bit dimmed for a cozier feel, that is, if the nature of your work allows it.