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Vintage Farmhouse Decor – 22 Must-Have Items

There’s a reason why vintage farmhouse decor continues to grow in popularity among so many interior design enthusiasts even now in the early 2020s. This style is characterized by the use of natural materials, such as wood, metal, and woven textiles, as well as vintage and shabby chic decor elements, like distressed finishes and vintage prints.

If you want to incorporate this rustic decor into your home, you’ve come to the right place. Whether it’s an all-around makeover or a quick touchup for a vintage farmhouse kitchen or a farmhouse bathroom, in this post I will go over the best vintage home accessories to add to your space.

A vintage farmhouse interior with a rustic mantelpiece, white board walls, a vintage couch, round vintage table, wood beam ceiling, vintage pictures on the wall, vintage wall sconces, and a vintage chandelier.

Source: @bryartonfarm (Instagram)

This guide will make it easy for you to quickly create the ideal vintage country-style decor using rustic farmhouse lighting, vintage wall art, farmhouse-style furniture, and some other antique accents.



1. Vintage Metal or Wood Signs

Source: @vintage_square_ (Instagram)

This sign says it all: we are on the hunt for antiques. Look for any vintage or antique signs that could be hung in the kitchen. They don’t have to be related to food or cooking, it’s your kitchen and you decide what you want to hang on the wall. As long as it complements the interior, who cares? There are plenty of options to choose from, beginning with Etsy and ending at flea markets and garage sales.

A vintage farmhouse kitchen with a rustic white table, cabinet with white plates, wicker containers and a vintage farmhouse sign reading Antiques.

2. Vintage Farmhouse Ceramic Vase or Figure

This ceramic or porcelain vase could be anything, from a rooster or goose to a rabbit or sheep. As long as it depicts a (farm) animal.  

In vintage farmhouse decor, there’s an emphasis on celebrating nature and simpler times. Farmhouse animal figures harken back to a time when farm animals were integral to daily life. Whether it’s a weathered ceramic rooster or a porcelain bunny, place one or two in your kitchen for an ultra-rustic feel.

Rustic cutting boards and a porcelain figure of a bunny on a marble kitchen countertop.

Source: @vintage_square_ (Instagram)

3. Antique Farmhouse Table Clock

An antique or distressed table clock is a wonderful way to display vintage farmhouse decor. A rustic table clock will work great in all types of farmhouse interiors, but to me it emanates French farmhouse decor. You can place it in your bedroom, kitchen, living room, and even bathroom for a traditional home decor element.

An antique farmhouse table clock on a wooden kitchen countertop with a fake green plant next to it.

4. Wooden Vintage Crate or Chest

Talk about a true rustic home decor piece. A wooden crate or chest just screams vintage farmhouse-style decor and it will work well in a vintage or industrial farmhouse. It’s ideal to be used as a coffee table with storage or an entryway bench, and its natural, weathered appearance seamlessly blends with the vintage farmhouse aesthetic.

Old wooden crate used as a coffee table, an antique-style wicker chair and a French country house-style couch with pinstripe pillows.

5. Pastoral Scene Paintings or Posters

Old paintings are an absolute must for vintage farmhouse wall decor. However, buying an original oil painting (especially an old one) may come with a hefty price tag. Thankfully, there are excellent quality reproductions on Etsy that you can encase in beautiful vintage frames and you’ve got yourself some wonderful vintage farmhouse living room decor. 

An antique painting depicting cattle on a field with trees in the background.

Source: @relic_interiors (Instagram)

A painting with idyllic scenery will immediately put you in the calm and relaxed mood of a vintage farmhouse. Inspired by the countryside, these artworks often feature animals, a muted color palette, lush trees, and rolling hills.

6. Creamy and Blue & White Ceramic Kitchen Containers

Decorative kitchen containers are a classic and play a quintessential role in any vintage, shabby-chic farmhouse kitchen. The great news is that such gems can be found at garage sales or at Goodwill. Make a beautiful and eye-catching display of storing your flour, sugar, tea, coffee, and more kitchen essentials, adding yet another element of vintage farmhouse decor to your space.

Blue and white vintage farmhouse ceramic containers with dried plants and a wooden cutting board on a white board surface.

Source: @vintage_square_ (Instagram)

7. A Coffee Table Book About Vintage Farmhouse Decor

It’s no secret that coffee table books are meant to serve as conversation pieces. A coffee table book on vintage farmhouse decor will perfectly complement an interior decorated in that style. Beautiful full-color photographs and helpful design tips will inspire you to create your own country decor haven.

A distressed, light wood rustic coffee table with drawers with white coffee table books and a plant on top and rustic candle holders with white candles. A white vintage mantel in the background.

Source: Liz Marie

 You can also choose coffee table books about art, antiques, artists, flowers, gardening, or whatever else you like. An elegant coffee table book will sit beautifully on a solid wood vintage coffee table accompanied by fresh flowers and white candles.  

8. Antique Wooden Entryway Bench

I can’t imagine a vintage farmhouse without a beautiful antique wooden entryway bench. Not only will it provide extra seating space for house parties, but is also sure to serve as a true statement piece for a charming first impression. Entryway benches are also super practical, offering hidden storage beneath the seat. Paired with cozy throw pillows and a well-worn rug, an entryway bench will create a warm and inviting atmosphere, setting the tone for your vintage farmhouse-inspired interior.

A vintage farmhouse kitchen with a rustic white table, cabinet with white plates, wicker containers and a vintage farmhouse sign reading Antiques.

Source: @delightedwiththedetails (Instagram)

9. Vintage/Antique Oval Picture Frames

Romantic oval-shaped frames are another key element in achieving antique farmhouse decor, preferably grouped together on a wall with antique square-shaped frames in different sizes and neutral colors. The frames’ color should depend on the type of vintage farmhouse style you’re aiming for – think white and creamy in a vintage French farmhouse and gold-tone in a Victorian-style farmhouse.

Five antique, gold-tone decorative oval frames with pastoral scene paintings, set on a white linen cloth.

Source: @emilydaviscollection (Instagram)

11. Vintage Wall Display Cabinet

I don’t know about you, but I just love vintage cabinets, especially those small ones. They may seem expendable, but they really aren’t. A small vintage display cabinet can add so much charm to an old farmhouse kitchen and it’s also pretty practical. You can use it to store teacups, coffee mugs, a teapot, and so on – all the kitchen necessities you need to keep at hand. Another plus is the option to add hangers for extra storage of kitchen towels and linens.

A dark wood vintage display cabinet with a floral vintage wallpaper a vintage teapot, a flower vase, dried flowers, and an oval picture of a cat, hanging on an antique shiplap wall.

11. Distressed Brown Wood Two-Tier Tray🍰

A distressed wooden two-tier tray is a perfect addition to a vintage farmhouse kitchen. Its weathered finish and two-tier design provide a versatile and charming display option for organizing and showcasing your kitchen essentials.

A distressed wooden two-tier tray with fake plants, a fake pumpkin, milk jug, and some seasonal fall autumn items.

Use it to store fresh produce, spices, or even vintage kitchenware, keeping all items within easy reach in style. A wooden tray is a quintessential piece that will effortlessly complement the vintage farmhouse ambiance of your kitchen.

12. Wooden Vintage Plate Rack

Another classic in any vintage or old-school kitchen – a vintage wooden plate rack which, again, is both functional and decorative (love it). Display your cherished vintage dishware in a beautiful plate rack that serves as a statement piece itself.

A dark wood vintage plate rack with three drawers, displaying various round blue and white blue willow plates.

13. Livestock Head Single Key Hook Wall Hanger

Say what you want, but to me, this is a must-have for a vintage farmhouse. It’s not just any wall hanger, it’s a pig’s head wall hanger!  Why hang your clothes, bags, keys, and other items on a boring wall hanger when you can use something so wonderful?!🐷

A cast-iron wall hanger in the shape of a pig’s head, hanging on a wooden vintage wall.

Source: Next UK

14. Farmhouse Cast Iron Toilet Paper Holder

Now, this is a true vintage farmhouse bathroom statement piece. I really appreciate it when people put so much thought and care into little things that others would normally overlook. I mean, it’s a toilet paper holder, why should it be decorative? And why not? Add a unique and decorative toilet paper holder to your vintage farmhouse bathroom to feel special and make an impression on your guests.

15. Farm Animal Motifs

A burlap pillowcase with a vintage print of a rooster and vintage French labeling.

Source: @blog2collectionsanfavs (Tumblr)

We’ve already mentioned farm animal figures and sculptures, and now it’s time to move on to other forms of art. Incorporating farmhouse animal graphics into your vintage farmhouse decor is like weaving a delightful tale of rural charm within your home. Whether you choose to feature them on throw pillows, framed prints, or even barn doors, these charming motifs will infuse your living space with warmth, character, and a captivating connection to the simple beauty of the countryside.

16. Vintage Vanity Dresser With Mirror

This one may seem like a cliche, but it’s a total must. A wooden vintage farmhouse dresser with a mirror evokes feelings of Southern charm nostalgia. Find a new wooden dresser inspired by vintage decor or thrift an antique gem at a flea market or an online marketplace.

Vintage farmhouse vanity dressers can usually be found at online marketplaces. Or they can also be upcycled — these babies can be painted to adjust to your particular vintage farmhouse style.

17. Blue And White China

With its delicate blue motifs set against a pristine white background, Blue Willow china is a beloved classic in the world of ceramics. Being a true classic, blue and white china can be used confidently in all kinds of vintage farmhouse interiors.

Arrange your blue and white tableware into a wall display or showcase it in the above-mentioned vintage plate rack.

Vintage blue and white china plates elegantly arranged on top of one another.

Source: @old_porcelain_passion (Instagram)

18. Brass Candlestick Holders

Add some mystical and nostalgic feel to your vintage farmhouse-inspired interior with brass candlestick holders. Romantic candlestick holders can be used all year round and will look exceptionally beautiful at Christmas time.

19. Natural Vintage Linens

Vintage farmhouse decor with a rustic and distressed wooden crate with an old imprint and vintage glass bottles inside, a stack of organic jute linens, a wicker basket, an old kitchen scale, and a flower pot with French lavender.

Old linens made from all-natural materials can be game changers in vintage farmhouse decor. Such textiles alone made from jute, soft cotton, or other biodegradable and all-natural materials will make a world of a difference in a vintage farmhouse kitchen.

The great thing about them is that they can be washed and reused, making them an environment-friendly solution, so it’s a win-win.

20. Farm Implements

If you don’t already live on an actual farm, incorporating farm implements into your vintage farmhouse decor is a creative way to celebrate the heritage of rural life. Old plows, pitchforks, and harvest baskets can be transformed into striking wall art like this one from Diana Marie Home, or repurposed as functional pieces.

21. Rocking Chair

It’s not just babies who find the rocking motion soothing and relaxing, peacefully lulling them to sleep. Perhaps it’s one of those things that stick with us since our very early days, but I don’t know a single grown-up who wouldn’t mind unwinding in a rocking chair or a hammock.  

An antique wooden rocking chair on the wooden floor of a Victorian porch with a white ornate door behind it.

Having originated back in 18th century Colonial America, rocking chairs still continue to be the go-to vintage farmhouse porch furniture pieces. Find your perfect wooden rocking chair on an online marketplace or repurpose an old one stacked away in the attic.

22. Wooden French Bread Boards

Vintage wooden French bread boards stacked against the wall, a vintage clay container with wooden French rolling pins, and a vintage flower pot with an English ivy plant.

Source: Les Fleurs

Slice your baked goods in vintage fashion with some wooden French bread boards! If you or a friend or family member has some to spare, even better. The rustic look and crevices in the wood of worn-out (but functional) cutting boards will give your vintage farmhouse kitchen more of a nostalgic feel.

Vintage Farmhouse Decor: FAQ

Perhaps I may interest you in some additional facts about vintage farmhouse decor in this FAQ section. I’ve dedicated this section to answering the most commonly asked questions regarding the topic.

What is vintage farmhouse decor?

Vintage farmhouse decor is a style of interior design that combines elements of vintage, antique, French country decor, and rustic styles to create a warm and cozy atmosphere. It typically incorporates distressed wood, vintage accents, and neutral colors.

How do I create a vintage farmhouse look in my home?

To create a vintage farmhouse look in your home, you can incorporate vintage or antique furniture, use natural materials like wood and stone, and add vintage accents like an old-fashioned candelabra, a distressed metal sign, or reclaimed wood furniture. You can also use neutral colors like white, beige, and light blue to give your home a cozy, country-style feel.

What colors are used in vintage farmhouse decor?

The colors used in vintage farmhouse decor are typically neutral and warm, including white, beige, light blue, light gray, and soft green.

What type of furniture is used in vintage farmhouse decor?

Furniture used in vintage farmhouse decor is often made of natural materials like wood, metal, and stone. Pieces such as farmhouse tables, vintage dressers, and distressed chairs are common.

Where can I find vintage farmhouse decor products?

You can find vintage farmhouse decor products at home goods stores, vintage shops, online marketplaces like Etsy, Amazon, Overstock, Facebook Marketplace (for locally sold items), and many many others. You can also check out specialty retailers that focus on farmhouse-style decor.

Is vintage farmhouse decor expensive?

The cost of vintage farmhouse decor can vary depending on the quality and rarity of the pieces. Some vintage items may be expensive, while others can be more affordable. New reproduction pieces in the vintage farmhouse style can be more budget-friendly (think online marketplaces).

Vintage Farmhouse Decor – Conclusion

I hope you find the vintage-style farmhouse items from this list inspiring and perhaps add something similar to your home to achieve an antique farmhouse decor look.

Of course, there are many, many more vintage farmhouse decor items to be found at thrift stores, flea markets, and online marketplaces. From wooden wall signs, vintage vases, and jars, to woven rugs and farmhouse curtains, the possibilities are endless, so browse the internet away searching for your perfect piece!

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