23 Must-Have Items To Create Vintage Office Decor

23 Must-Have Items To Create Vintage Office Decor

Those who have ever paid attention to office decor in independent movies know that they all usually have one thing in common: they’re vintage. Take The French Dispatch by Wes Anderson, for example. The characteristic yellow walls, old-style telephones and cabinets, and the semi-worn-out wooden desk all add to that overall nostalgic vintage office decor aesthetic. 

In this post, I will provide 23 essential vintage office decor items for all those wanting to achieve that retro-style look in their office or home office. 

A collection of vintage office decor items set on a turquoise-colored surface: a rotary phone, wooden set square, magnifying glass, scissors, a wristwatch, glasses, a gold-tone teaspoon, fountain pen, notebook, cigarette, coins, and a cup of coffee all spread over an open magazine.

1. Vintage Office Desk

Vintage office desks are an absolute must when transforming an office into vintage style. They can add a touch of history and character to the workspace, enhancing creativity and making the space feel cozy. Vintage office desks are often made from high-quality materials, like solid wood mahogany or oak, so they’re expected to serve for years to come.  

An old-fashioned wooden vintage office desk with various vintage items on it and an old wooden swivel chair in front of it.

For example, this one is a vintage office desk found on Chairish, made of oak and crafted in the 1940s. The desk features a sleek design with a rectangular surface and four sturdy legs, providing ample workspace for various office tasks. In my opinion, signs of age here and there, such as some minor scuffs, only add more of a vintage character to this piece of furniture.  

 2. Vintage Swivel Chair 

A vintage leather swivel chair set against a worn-out, scratched wall.

What’s the purpose of having a wooden vintage desk in the office without a vintage swivel chair? It’s another must-have, and thankfully nowadays it’s possible to get one without even stepping outside. Take this banker’s desk chair from OSP Home Furnishings or this absolutely stunning walnut and mahogany desk chair found on Etsy

3.  Rotary Phone☎️ 

A black rotary phone sitting on a wooden desk as part of vintage office decor.

Whether to be used on a day-to-day basis or act solely as a decorative piece, a rotary phone is essential when furnishing an office space in the vintage style. It will make the room look like a time capsule just on its own. There are plenty of choices available on online marketplaces, from used to new vintage-style rotary phones. It’s important to decide what type of vintage you want to go for. If it’s more of a mid-century-inspired office, then this 1960s classic dial telephone will be perfect. While in the case of older vintage offices reminiscing the 1920s or earlier, it would be best to go for an 1892 Eiffel Tower-inspired rotary phone

 4. Fountain Pen🖋️