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23 Best Products for Vintage Wild West Decor

If you consider yourself a bit of a country girl or boy or you just love the outdoors, then vintage Wild West decor is a great way for you to incorporate that love into your living space.  

Various vintage Wild West-themed decorations hanging on a rustic wall, including vintage Old West artwork in square and oval frames, a vintage leather belt, a vintage leather bag, and vintage Native American turquoise jewelry.



The theme for vintage western decor is outdoorsy, earthy, warm, and welcoming. So in these types of interiors, you will see traces of cowhide, Navajo prints, wood, leather, animal skin, and some farm elements.

Old Wild West home decor gained popularity in the mid 20th century, particularly during the 1950s and 1960s, as Western movies and television shows became increasingly popular. With a surge in interest in cowboy culture and frontier aesthetics, more and more people started adding elements of the Wild West to their homes and offices.

Best Products for Vintage Wild West Decor

Old Wild West decor is very artsy, allowing you to play around with patterns and warm colors that all come together quite nicely. But only if done right. And to help you do it right, here are 21 fantastic vintage Wild West decor products that you need.


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Vintage Leather Suitcase

Leather is one of the multiple fabrics that is featured prominently in vintage Wild West decor. So you just have to have leather decor placed in your space, and a leather suitcase is the perfect leather accessory.

A green succulent plant in an orange clay pot on top of a brown vintage leather suitcase.

Source: The Spruce

A vintage leather suitcase placed on a wall hook or a cabinet would make a great addition to your home’s Wild West-inspired decor.


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Western-Themed Wall Hooks

One defining element of old west decor is there’s always so much going on on the walls. So you must invest in some wall hooks for the numerous decorations that would be going on the walls.

A vintage metal wall hook in the shape of a cowboy boot. Source: Urban Outfitters

Source: Urban Outfitters 

You can purchase metal, wooden, or ivory wall hooks. You can also get wall hooks in the shape of cows, horses, and wheels or with inscriptions on them.


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Vintage Cowboy Figurines

A vintage figurine of a dark-haired cowboy with a mustache wearing a brown hat, a blue shirt,an orange vest, and pink handkerchief, and holding a leather horse saddle.

What is the Wild West without cowboys? Just the west. Consider adding vintage bobblehead cowboy/cowgirl figurines to your space if you’re into figurines. You can have them sitting pretty in different corners of your living space to accent the Wild West vibe of the room.  


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Animal Skin Furniture

Using animal skin-covered furniture is the perfect way to bring the vintage Wild West decor into your space. The best part is there are so many options, you can go for cow, horse, or even leopard skin-themed chairs, tables, armchairs, rugs, and more.

The frontal view of a vintage armchair upholstered in brown and white cowhide.

You can even use multiple types of animal skin-themed furniture. Another amazing option is using animal skin/hide as a backdrop in your space. This can serve in place of artwork. And some more great news: there are vegan options too.


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Old-Fashioned Western Horse Toys

These are a little similar to the figurines but they can be said to be more attention-grabbing. There are a variety of horse toys, but it is best to get the ones with character, like horses being ridden, horses galloping, a horse in a stable, etc.

Two vintage figurines: one of a Native American man on a white and brown horse and the other of a white cowboy on a white horse.

Source: Pinterest 

If you are feeling creative you can even create your horse toy. You can use a mop, some yarn, or whatever materials you deem fit.


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Vintage Western Saddle

A vintage wood cupboard with vintage mugs, teacups, and plates hangs on a white wall above a rough wooden table top with vintage bar stools made from horse saddles.

Source: Stable Style 

Horse saddles are a major part of old west decor. You can place a saddle on a wooden backdrop over the mantel, just like we see in old Wild West movies. Or you can display two vintage saddles directly on the wall by supporting them with some wall hooks. Saddles can also be repurposed as bar stool seats. 


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Old West-Inspired Artwork

An old drawing in a rugged brown frame depicting a cowboy on a horse in a desert landscape with cactus plants in the background hangs on a rustic wooden brown wall.

Whether oil paintings, drawings, or posters, artworks depicting cowboys, Native American scenes, and untamed landscapes will bring some of that American frontier into your home.


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Woolen Placemat

Two woolen placemats with fringes and Native American motifs lie on a light colored tiled floor.

Source: Roma Arellano

Western woolen placemats are very vibrant and colorful. Some have pictures of farms, animals, and cowboys on them and others have beautiful patterns like Navajo prints. Get a couple western-style hand-woven placemats for your table for an extra Old West boost.


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Western Table Lamp

Vintage Old West-style lamps are as functional as they are stylish and they certainly help tie the whole vintage western decor together.

A vintage Old West-style table lamp with a cowboy boot body and a light-colored lamp shade with a leather strap.

Source: Home Adore

Western table lamps usually have some elements of animal skin, wood, the cowboy boot, or the farm incorporated into them.

You can place these lamps anywhere – on side stools, bedside tables, or reading tables.


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Vintage Carved Table

Washed-up wooden turquoise or old-looking tables make a great addition to any space.

A cherry wood table with a carving of a big cow skull stands against a dark wood paneled wall with a Wild West-themed painting on it.

These vintage carved tables could often feature exciting vintage Western elements like horseshoe carvings or horse carvings.


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Vintage Wooden Coffee Table

Your coffee table plays a major role in the living room area. A vintage Wild West decor coffee table can bring the theme together and create balance or completely ruin it.

Vintage Wild West decor coffee tables are almost always wooden. They are also intricately carved with beautiful designs and exotic patterns from the type of wood used. A vintage wooden trunk can also serve as a coffee table.

Two dark leather armchairs partially upholstered in cowhide stand on a white carpet, with a hand carved wooden coffee table, all-over wall paneling, and a vintage painting of a horse on the wall.

Source: Patrick Thomas Design (Etsy)

To enhance the Western vibe in the room, you can place a cow’s skull or a longhorn on the table as an accessory.


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Vintage Saloon-Style Bar Stool

A dark brown leather and wood saloon bar stool on a red, yellow, and dark blue rug with a Native Indian pattern.

If a regular side stool is not vintage enough for you, then switch it out with a vintage saloon-inspired bar stool. These bar stools are just as sturdy and useful but with the extra western swag.


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Western Wood Bookcase

A wooden bookcase with various books, a lamp, and some western-themed decorations. A partially visible blue vintage armchair stands in front of the bookcase; a pine cone encased in glass and the bust of a horse sit on a vintage table next to the armchair.

Source: Pinterest 

This is a fantastic idea for book lovers. Your books shouldn’t be the only thing with a story and some personality. A cowboy-themed, or red pine wood bookcase would be great for your books.


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Western Throw Pillows

Vintage Wild West decor throw pillows are placed on and around an antique wooden chest, and an Old West-style painting featuring a cowboy on a horse sits on top of the chest.

Wild West-themed throw pillows are the perfect accent piece every old west decor home needs. You can throw vintage pillows with a native chief, Aztec patterns, or with farm animals printed or embroidered on them.


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Western Blanket

A vintage Wild West decor blanket with fringes and an Aztec motif hangs over a wooden horse carriage.

Old-fashioned Western blankets could match the throw pillows, especially if the chairs are plain and without old west decor elements.  


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Vintage Rocking Chair

A vintage Wild West decor arrangement featuring a vintage rug, a wood and leather rocking chair, wooden dresser, vintage boat paddles, and other vintage decor items against a rustic cream-colored shiplap wall.

Known for their soothing rocking motion and ergonomic design, wooden rocking chairs have a rich history dating back to the early 18th century. In the Old West, these chairs became emblematic of frontier living, adorning porches and interiors of rustic cabins. Their enduring presence in vintage Old West decor reflects a fusion of practicality and nostalgia. Those trying to recreate this type of style in their home must own a rocking chair.


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Cowhide Ottoman

A brown vintage quilted sofa and a cowhide ottoman in an all-white interior.

Source: Pinterest 

Cow print or cowhide ottomans are another accent piece of furniture. They are plush, comfortable and very western. Find the perfect vintage cowhide ottoman for your home and make it an indispensable piece of the Old West decorating style.


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Wagon Wheel Furniture

A vintage wagon wheel armchair with floral upholstery stands on a porch with rustic distressed dark wood panels.

Source: Pinterest 

Wagon wheels are prominent in Western living hence they have to be featured in the  Western decor style. A wagon wheel sofa bed or armchair paired with western throw pillows and blankets makes a huge difference.


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Cowhide Rug

A vintage living room with a cowhide rug, a mid-century table, two couches, a vintage armchair, a rubber plant, a lamp, and a vintage gallery wall.

Source: Pinterest 

Cowhide is a key element in vintage cowboy decor, so you just have to add it to your living area. You can place it in your living room under the coffee table or in your bedroom right beside your bed.


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Hand-Carved Cow Skull

A ¾ view of a meticulously hand-carved cow skull with black horns hanging on a white wall.

Source: Arc Interiors Ad (Instagram)

These skulls can come with the most beautifully crafted patterns and even a small pop of color. They are an exquisite piece to add to your decor, you can either hang them or use them to accessorize other elements.


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Vintage Books About The Old West

A vintage illustration of a cowgirl in a brown frame with three old western-themed books with red covers next to it.

Vintage books about the Old West, like The Virginian or True Grit, add an authentic touch to vintage Old West decor. Displayed on rustic shelves or stacked on a weathered table, these books evoke the spirit of the frontier era. Vintage Western-themed books can be used in a variety of ways around the home, including:

  • seasonal decor (red and green for Christmas or yellows, pinks, and mint for Easter),
  • mantel decor
  • Old West-themed vignettes
  • centerpieces.


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Vintage Cups With Wild West Motifs

A couple of vintage teacups with cactus motifs displayed on top of an old western book and a yellow Coca-Cola crate.

Vintage cups adorned with Wild West motifs, such as cowboy hats, horses, or cacti, serve as charming accents in vintage Old West decor. Enjoy your cup of tea, coffee, or other drink of choice in a unique cup reminiscent of the Wild West, or use these cups as candle holders.


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Antique Swinging Saloon Doors

A pair of antique saloon swinging doors stands against a rustic wall outside.

Source: Castle and Story (Etsy)

Vintage cups adorned with Wild West motifs, such as cowboy hats, horses, or cacti, serve as charming accents in vintage Old West decor. Enjoy your cup of tea, coffee, or other drink of choice in a unique cup reminiscent of the Wild West, or use these cups as candle holders.

Wild West decor style: FAQ

1. What is the vintage Wild West decor style?

Vintage Wild West decor style is simply decorating a living area with key elements of the Wild West.
This style of decor features bright and vibrant colors and patterns.

2. How to decorate in the vintage western decor style?

To properly decorate in the vintage western decor style, you have to include animal skin/hide, wood, Aztec graphics, cowboy themes, rustic finishings, leather, western paintings, saloon bar stools, and saloon-style swinging doors.

3. What are the colors for Old West decor?

The colors for old west decor are Earthy shades – turquoise, red, brown, green, and navy blue.


Vintage Wild West decor is for those who enjoy an outdoorsy kind of feel in their home. The themes for this type of home decor are earthy, natural, and rugged. Common elements include weathered wood, leather accents, rustic metal fixtures, and Wild West motifs such as cowboy hats, horseshoes, and Native American-inspired patterns. 

One of the best things about vintage Wild West decor is that it is playful and fun. It also allows for personality so you can chip in elements of your style while still being on theme.

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