Decorating With Vintage Wall Art – 13 Best Products🖼️ 

Art is a visual representation mixed with creativity backed up by a theme. Together, this trifecta makes up the holy art trilogy. This is why there is no better way to take your home to another level than with art, to be specific, vintage wall art. Wall decor is timeless, personal, and outrageously stylish, so it’s used by those looking to accentuate their homes by giving their walls a touch of personality. In this post, I will cover the best types of vintage wall art for those wishing to achieve a retro aesthetic in their home. 

1. Vintage Posters

A vintage French poster depicting a hand dropping jewelry into a jewelry container. Perfect to use as vintage wall art.

These are pretty common regardless of the type of house or apartment. Vintage posters usually represent old movies, products, botanical illustrations, or old advertisements for food and drink. My favorite thing about vintage wall art prints is their price range. They are an inexpensive and easy way to style up any room. You can even add several posters together to create a nice retro-style collage. 

2. Vintage wall signs

A rectangular vintage wall sign with an arched top, depicting grazing cows in against a mountain landscape. 

These signs are typically made of metal, wood, or tin and are designed to resemble classic advertisements, logos, or slogans from a bygone era. I personally love these little additions – a vintage wall sign can instantly bump a modern room or kitchen up a notch to a retro space with soul and character. 

This vintage pizza sign is so timeless and perfect for adding a positive vibe to a vintage-themed kitchen🍕 

3. Old photography📷 

An uneven white wall with three black and white photos on it and a dimly lit lamp on the table.

Talk about endless possibilities! Vintage black and white photography (but also color) is one of the most common types of vintage wall art you will find in most homes. Vintage photographs capture a moment in time and offer a glimpse into the past, which can evoke feelings of nostalgia and curiosity. There are a ton of replicas of old photographs out there – from cityscapes through musicians and artists, to those capturing historical moments. You can also use old photos of your family or purchase portraits of Victorians, such as daguerrotypes (which is what I do☺️).

Try this vintage black and white Paris poster for a retro Parisian touch. 

4. Wall Sculptures Or Reliefs🗿 

A gray wall with the sculpture of a rhino mounted on it and ornate gold-tone frames.

Let’s deviate from the norm a little—time for some three-dimensional work of artistic perfection. Wall sculptures are a great way to accentuate the aura of the room and they come in a variety of options. 

For a more classical look (and if it corresponds to the interior), you can go for a Greek Caryatid or a Roman figure wall relief, for example. On the other hand, if the space has more of a mid-century modern aesthetic for example, a geometric-shaped wall sculpture would be more suitable. With marketplaces like Amazon or Etsy, it’s impossible not to find one that satisfies your style. 

5. Vintage Maps 🗺️

An old world map in a rectangular frame hanging over a vintage bed frame.

Maps have been used as wall decor for centuries, and they always stay in style. Vintage maps are particularly charming, with their faded colors and intricate, imperfectly perfect details. You can find vintage maps of your favorite cities, countries, or even the entire world. Displaying a vintage map on your wall can be a great conversation starter and a reminder of all the places you’ve been or plan to visit.

6. Vintage Or Antique Floating Shelves 

A vintage wooden shelf with a 1950s style clock, hanging on an uneven white wall.

Decorative antique or vintage floating shelves offer both functionality and aesthetics, serving as a practical storage solution while also enhancing the overall ambiance of a room. These shelves are typically made of wood, with a natural or distressed finish that adds character and charm. Floating shelves are versatile and can be used to display a variety of items, such as antique knick-knacks, vintage books, or even houseplants📚🪴 

7. Antique Clocks🕰️

A bunch of wooden antique-style clocks clustered together.

The 18th century was considered the golden age of clockmaking in England, with clockmakers such as Thomas Tompion and George Graham producing some of the most exceptional timepieces of their time. Antique clocks were crafted by skilled artisans using traditional techniques and often feature intricate details and exquisite designs that are not commonly found in modern clocks. Thankfully, today we can find lots of clocks modeled after the old ones, bringing our space closer to being a time capsule without breaking the bank.  

8. Vintage Book Pages📄

A vintage wooden shelf with a 1950s style clock, hanging on an uneven white wall.

Old book pages or music sheets are a wonderful, cheap way to add retro charm to a vintage-inspired interior. Whether hung loosely or framed, they will just look so intricate with other vintage items. The best way to shop for vintage books is on Etsy if you’re looking for a convenient way to have them shipped to your home, but they can also be found at flea markets and old book shops at ridiculously low prices!

9. Plates🍽️ 

A vintage wall art display featuring an ornate rectangular frame with a black and white photo and antique-style English plates all around it.
A round vintage plate with a floral pattern, hanging on a wall with a floral wallpaper.

Apart from vintage prints and posters, this is my favorite way to decorate a wall for a vintage look. For instance, old-style English plates and spodes are ideal for creating a gallery wall. Their elaborate designs are so beautiful and nostalgic, and I’m a little addicted to hunting for them. It’s not just vintage plates that look good on a wall – you can also mount vintage cups and mugs and other china, as long as they will hold up. 

Vintage plates and china come in different color combos and floral patterns, and they provide so much possibility for stunning vintage wall decor🌷  

10. Empty Frames 

Ornate gold-tone frames stacked against each other.

Empty frames can be an excellent choice for vintage wall decor because they add an element of visual interest without detracting from the overall aesthetic of a room. The beauty of empty frames lies in their simplicity. They can be used to create a unique and creative focal point on a wall. Whether you choose ornate antique frames or simple rustic ones, empty frames are a versatile and timeless decor option that can work in any space. They also offer the flexibility to add art, photographs, or other decorative elements to the wall at a later time without having to change the frame.

11. Wall Sconce or Candle Holder🕯️  

An old-style wall sconce candelabra with pearl beads wrapped around it. Vintage items, including the head of a horse and an old vase, right below it.

Wall sconces are not just vintage – they’re so much older than that! ​​In fact, wall sconces were used in ancient Egypt as early as 1550 BC to hold torches for lighting. Over time, they evolved from purely functional lighting fixtures to decorative elements. Whether you’re going for a sconce powered by electricity or a more traditional candelabra one, it will serve as a source of ambient lighting, adding to the overall coziness of the space.

12. Mirrors

The top view of an ornate wooden mirror hanging on a wooden-paneled wall.

Although not often thought of as art, mirrors actually are. They do more than reflect what is before them. Mirrors, specifically large ones, can help throw light around a room and cause it to appear more prominent. Mirrors with magnificent frames are quite a beauty to behold. A great example is the Funerom vintage gold wall mirror

13. Tapestries

An old-style interior with a red couch, oval coffee table, and vintage wall art in the form of a tapestry. 

Wall tapestries have a long history in home decor, dating back to ancient civilizations such as Greece, Rome, and Egypt. During the Middle Ages and Renaissance, tapestries were considered a sign of wealth and were used to adorn the walls of castles, palaces, and churches throughout Europe. They were often woven from fine silk or wool and depicted scenes from history, mythology, and religion. In the 16th and 17th centuries, tapestries became more accessible to the middle class and were used to decorate homes and public buildings. Tapestries are available in a range of styles, from traditional to modern, and can be made from a variety of materials, including cotton, wool, and silk.


To delve further into vintage wall art items, let’s answer some of the most frequently asked questions. 

What are the different types of vintage wall art?

Virtually any vintage item that can be mounted or hung on a wall can be used as vintage wall art. Some popular choices are vintage prints or posters, plates and china, mirrors, clocks, empty frames, tapestries, wall signs, or old photographs. 

Where can I find vintage wall art to decorate my home?

You can find vintage wall art at thrift stores, flea markets, antique shops, or online marketplaces like eBay, Etsy, 1st Dibs, Amazon, Facebook Marketplace, Chairish, or Olde Good Things. You can also look for vintage reproductions at home decor stores or order prints of vintage art online.

What is some good vintage wall art for the bedroom?🛏️ 

Depending on the style of your bedroom, you can opt for vintage botanical prints, old mirrors or empty frames, or landscape paintings. 

What vintage wall art is good for the kitchen?

When looking for vintage wall art for the kitchen, I suggest going for old food and drink advertisements, vintage kitchen utensils, old recipe cards or cookbook pages, and vintage tin signs. 


Pretty much any vintage item capable of being mounted or hung on a wall can serve as vintage wall art. In this post, I focused on those items that I think are the best and will look good whether displayed alone or grouped together. I hope this post has provided you with some inspiration for creating your perfect vintage wall decor🤩

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