Vintage Pieces To Spice Up Your Home With  

“Old is gold”. When it comes to home decor, this saying holds so much truth. This is why no matter how modern we build and style our homes, we always long for a sense of nostalgia, which we can get from old-school or vintage additions to our interiors. Not everyone wants (or is lucky enough) to live in a Victorian or traditional house, so they get the next best thing by sprinkling a couple of vintage pieces in the corners of their home to give it an equal amalgam of the modern and traditional. 

A vintage turquoise-colored cabinet, candlestick holders, a rusty red chair, and a gray cat.

Best Vintage Pieces For The Living Room Area 

To effectively spice up every part of your home, I will take living area by living area. So to kick off, let’s begin with the living room. 


What’s a living room without chairs, tables, chests, and other furniture? I believe that chairs are the souls of the living room, so let’s begin there. 

The 1960 Henryk Lis mid-century armchair in rusty gold is a fantastic mid-century piece. You should probably get two of these chairs for the complete 1960s experience. They are simple and chic and would blend perfectly into a room painted white or another subtle color. 

The 1960 Henryk Lis armchair may have been refurbished; its insides replaced, wood sanded, stained, and secured with a matt varnish. But it still holds every bit of vintage glory it originally did. 

If you loved the Victorian era, then this Victorian library chair from the 1800s deserves a spot in your home. This chair features fully restored upholstery with a floral silk and cotton chenille fabric for an extra vintage-glam look. This piece is a classic and would look exquisite next to a simple wooden table, drawing unparalleled attention from your guests.  

A living room with an old dressing table and photo frames in the background, an oval ornate mirror, a parlor palm, and a round table with vintage chairs with an old photo album on it.

How about a vintage chest? Add a pop of color with this cottage-style Giverny blue Gustavian-style chest of drawers. This dazzling piece has been hand-painted in a cozy warm blue (Annie Sloan ‘Giverny’) and features solid pine drawers. It has been distressed and clear-waxed to give it a nice rustic finish. You can jazz it up by placing on top a pretty vase with flowers, an antique French-style brass candle holder, or a glass cloche with your favorite item inside – a figure, high-quality artificial plant, or some seashells, depending on the style of your home.  

While still on the topic of adding color, this Monaco blue 7-drawer dresser, painted in a light egg blue is bedazzling. This piece would catch everyone’s attention, even in a room filled with other vintage pieces. With its toupie-style feet, the beauty of this chest is unmatched.


Supposing you are a collector, you shouldn’t pass up the chance to sprinkle some signature vintage collectibles around the living room. 

For equal parts traditional and modern, you may want to take a look at this early 20th century French gramophone. This record player caters to vinyl lovers and will be appreciated by all those who hold a soft spot for vintage French items in their heart. It will make a remarkable statement piece even if not used to play music. 

An old gramophone seen through a shabby white framed window.

Need to make a quick call to the 1970s? Use this vintage yellow rotary telephone. Tested and fully operational, it will be hanging pretty on your wall and is sure to be complimented by your guests.

Nothing gives off vintage more than some candle holders. You can spring for some Victorian brass candlesticks or a pair of French porcelain blue parrot candle holders to add a touch of colonial decor to your interior. 


Adding vintage curtains to your living room will surely bring the room alive. You can find some Bohemian-style curtains or white embroidery curtains to suit whichever style you desire. To add more pizzazz, use some magnificent curtain accessories. 

An interior view of a bay window with lace curtains and an ornate arch.

A chunky Victorian mahogany curtain pole with rings mixed with white or cream curtains is a heavenly match. Or perhaps a pair of heavier curtains with classic embroidery? Place them side by side with some French brass curtain tiebacks, and you have successfully gone back in time. 


The only thing that adds more finesse to a living room than a mirror is a vintage mirror. This Venetian accent mirror and ornate mirror in gold, both found on Houzz, are truly glamorous vintage decor pieces. 

With their exquisite detailing, these vintage-style mirrors would not only upgrade the entire room but also serve as conversation pieces. 

Another lovely vintage mirror piece, this time for 1970s enthusiasts, is the large Italian bamboo mirror in the style of Franco Albini. Imagine this rare gorgeous piece hanging bodaciously on your wall; it would be quite a sight to behold. 


A key part of Victorian and 19th century homes were the magnificent chandeliers. They brought light, splendor, and grandeur into the house. So to fully usher in vintage-glam vibes, you should consider adding a chandelier to your home. 

If you can afford a pricier option, then look for a vintage Murano glass chandelier – it will invite grandeur into any home. However, you can also go for something less expensive and still achieve a glamorous look. You’d be surprised – browsing through online marketplaces, you can spot a chandelier gem for a lot less. 

A brightly lit, ornate antique chandelier in a dark room.

If you prefer to stay on the dimmed side, you can add some extra lighting to the room with wall sconces or a couple of small lamps for a cozy feel. 

Dining Room Area 

Not every home or apartment has a separate dining room, yet this doesn’t mean you can’t have a designated dining area, even if it’s a small nook. 


For those who need a small, simple, and stunning dining set, these Czech mid-century  Oswald Haerdtl vintage chairs are a must. This set has four simple yet sophisticated vintage chairs made of wood and protected with a matte varnish. Each chair is sold separately, so if you have a tiny dining area or don’t have many guests over, you can even opt for one or two of them. 

Not feeling the Czech set? Let’s take a little trip to Italy then. The 1980s Italian Andover dining chair set is made of solid beech and boasts a red lacquered finish and original upholstery. This six-chair dining set would make an exceptional addition to a dining area. It’s so nice you won’t like to eat near it, not to mention eating on it.

If you ever feel your dining room walls are dull or empty, it’s time to add some vintage French magic. The Howard Elliott gold hanging mirror is bound to bring any boring wall alive. You can opt for two or even three of these types of mirrors in different shapes – square, rectangular, or oval. 

Bedroom Area 

Just because it serves mostly as a relaxation haven, the bedroom is not to be overlooked in terms of vintage decor. Waking up every day to a beautiful piece of furniture will give you energy for the remainder of the day. 

A vintage single bed with a lace bedspread, a vintage distressed bedside table, and green shrubs outside the window.


Mirrors! The mirror is the most (after the bed, of course) important furniture piece a bedroom can have. 

This is why I shall begin this redecoration journey with some exquisite vintage mirror pieces. 

The first on the list is the scalloped top Baroque-style bedroom mirror. If you have plentiful space in your bedroom, then this large mirror with its arch top and carving details would make a perfect addition to it. 

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention a classic cheval mirror when speaking of vintage bedroom mirrors. This brown red Coaster cheval mirror with arch top features a shaped frieze and oozes magnificence, you can’t go wrong with it. 

An antique ornate mirror in gold with a smaller oval ornate mirror in front of it.


Looking to add a boho-style mid-century vintage piece to your bedroom? This vintage angraves bamboo rattan dressing table with mirror & stool is all yours for the taking. Though manufactured in the 1970s, it gives off a colonial feel. 

Give your bed a new look by installing a canopy over it with some linen or lace drapes. Separating your sleeping area this way can make you feel more intimate and maybe even help you sleep better. Also, a nice vintage-style canopy will take any bedroom from 1 to 100. 


Cast some vintage lights over your bedroom with this classic Tiffany table lamp in antique brass finish. With its stunning stained glass dragonfly lamp shade, it’s sure to make an impression and add finesse to your sleeping area. 

If you prefer a different kind of lighting, you may want to try using mason jars – place tea lights or strings of battery-powered lights inside them and you’ve got yourself a cozy atmosphere. They are timeless and will fit even vintage-style interiors. 

Lanterns will work just as well – you can place them on your dresser or bedside table. 

The most essential part of decorating is ensuring you are pleased with the outcome. So if adding only a few pieces makes you happy, do it. 

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Let’s explore the topic of decorating your home with vintage or antique decoration pieces by answering some frequently asked questions. 

Where can I find vintage pieces for my living area?

The best way to find vintage pieces for the living area is in antique shops, thrift stores, flea markets, online marketplaces like Etsy, Houzz, 1st Dibs, and even garage sales or estate sales. You may also have luck searching for vintage furniture and decor on social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook Marketplace.

How can I incorporate vintage pieces into a modern living space without it looking outdated?

To avoid a dated look, try combining vintage items with more contemporary pieces that have clean lines and simple shapes. You can also consider using vintage pieces as statement pieces in a room, such as a unique armchair or a colorful rug, rather than filling the entire space with vintage items.

What are some affordable vintage pieces that can still make a big impact in a living area?

Some affordable options include vintage books or records, vintage posters or prints, antique mirrors or frames, vintage glassware or ceramics, and vintage textiles like throw pillows or blankets. You can also look for vintage-inspired pieces or reproductions that have a similar look and feel to authentic vintage items.


So, there you have it. By adding some vintage flair to your living area, you can transform it from bland to grand. Whether you opt for authentic vintage items or vintage-inspired pieces, let your creativity flow and have fun creating a unique and stylish space that truly reflects your personality. Happy decorating!

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