20 Ideas For Decorating With Blue And White

20 Ideas For Decorating With Blue And White

Otherwise known as chinoiserie chic, blue and white decor is a classic color combination and a home decor special for good reason. It dates way back to the 9th century when it was the championed color duo in Chinese pottery (and it still is today). Aside from its pottery prestige, blue and white decor is also a staple in vintage decorating. Classics like the blue willow pattern or French toile are the most common vintage design examples of this timeless pair.  Decorating with blue and white is always classic, and breezy. This is why it is perfect for homeowners seeking to usher some cool, beach house aura into their homes.

When we think of the blue and white palette, we think of serenity, calm, peace, simplicity, and tranquility. If you would like to incorporate blue accents into your home, here are some of the best ideas for blue and white decorating.

Vintage blue and white plates and vintage pewter kettles in an old wooden cupboard.
Vintage blue willow china, copper dishes, pewter jugs, and other vintage kitchen accessories on wooden shelves.

1. Blue & White Wallpapers

Covering up your walls with a classic blue and white wallpaper is one of the easiest stress-free ideas for decorating with blue and white. It could be a simple blue & white stripe wallpaper. Stripes are as common as they are timeless. You can also opt for something more elaborate, like sceneries in white and blue. 

The abovementioed country toile wallpapers with blue and white patterns are a great pick for those looking to go down a more romantic path. They will add the color combo, of course, but they’ll also make your space look delicate and refined, reminiscent of palatial blue and white rooms.

A blue and white French toile wallpaper for decorating with blue and white.
Half of an ornate wooden mirror against a blue and white wallpaper, an example of decorating with blue and white.

2. Accent With Pottery And China

Accenting with blue and white ceramics and pottery like ginger jars is a majestic way to introduce some chinoiserie chic beauty into your home. Additions of blue and white porcelain or china strategically placed in various places in your home are bound to introduce a cool and relaxed old-timey aura.

You can get a large blue and white vase for your plants as a focal point, or a regular-size vase and place it on your fireplace, coffee table, or cabinet. You can also add a blue-white china set or any other blue and white dishes to your kitchen collection.

Four blue and white china pottery dishes of different shapes and sizes against a white wall, with a white coral decoration in the middle.